Every month, almost 5,000,000 users browse, learn more about and participate in initiatives offered on the Ediscom network of portals.

Constantly updated content on evolving and growing portals combined with proprietary technologies for content management and tracking of the campaigns’ performance provide ample room for personalization and campaign monitoring.

The network is able to deliver more than 300,000 visits per month to our advertisers using customizable, high impact formats such as skins and backgrounds, expandable overlays and banners alongside more traditional tabular formats.

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A website dedicated to the tastes and flavors of good food and cooking. 575,000 members - 270,000 Facebook fans -over 6000 recipes and growing www.gustissimo.it It offers a very wide choice [...]



A website dedicated to regional recipes and world cuisine. More than 4000 recipes growing steadily - 50,000 Facebook fans. www.ricettaidea.it With its vast collection of traditional and regional Italian recipes, Ricettaidea.it [...]



A vertical website dedicated to health and wellness. www.fioriblu.it Particular attention is paid to the theme of beauty: in addition to tips about makeup, beauty products and the latest trends, the [...]



A website dedicated to winter sports and to Italian ski resorts. www.sullaneve.it Mountain lovers will find plenty of information on the most important ski destinations, ski resorts, trails and leisure. Weather [...]



The website dedicated to leisure: jokes, poems, phrases, SMSs and aphorisms are the topics covered. The most interesting contents were selected with a very high number of generic and specific keywords [...]


Guida consumatori.it

A website dedicated to keeping citizens and consumers informed and protected. www.guidaconsumatori.it There are several sections that address in depth, but at the same time clearly and understandably, various issues related [...]



A website dedicated to the world of betting, gaming and sport. www.bettix.it Sports enthusiasts will find many articles about soccer, basketball, horse racing, tennis, motor sports and much more. It also [...]


Guide Turistiche

A series of new Travel websites, with guides to the main tourist destinations in Italy and abroad. Each portal is a practical and useful guide devoted to a single nation and [...]


Giornali Locali.it

A website dedicated to information and publishing. Inside you can find hundreds of reviews and technical data sheets about newspapers and magazines both in and out of general circulation. The website [...]