Project Description

A vertical website dedicated to health and wellness.

Particular attention is paid to the theme of beauty: in addition to tips about makeup, beauty products and the latest trends, the site offers advice on body care, natural remedies, diets, tips and information on beauty treatments and surgical procedures.

The portal also offers a comprehensive reference for new parents: from month-to-month pregnancy advice to early childhood tips.

No less important is the space devoted to health, where you can find a complete and updated list of diseases, symptoms and their treatment.

Finally, the site offers a detailed guide on relationships and sexuality with advice on married life and a space dedicated to young people who can find useful information to live their first love and sexual experiences with more awareness.


(Monthly average, source Google Analytics)

  • Unique visitors: 62.127
  • Views: 73.124
  • Page views: 215.735


Male: 31%
Female: 69%


18-24: 13%
25-44: 52%
> 45: 35%


North: 46%
Central: 26%
South and Islands: 28%