team ediscom

Experience, passion and creativity are the characteristics of our team!

Through the experience and skills acquired, we transform your business ideas into innovative and effective web marketing solutions. We realize your strategic objectives, guaranteeing you a steady increase in consumer base and market share.  We offer concrete and performance-oriented solutions. The results that are achieved are what matters to us most!

We follow you every step of the way: from the identification of the objectives to the feasibility study; from the definition of the web marketing strategy to the concrete realization of the project, both from a creative and an operational standpoint by promoting the campaign on top performing channels.

Our attention is always turned to practical results, the analysis of performance and the ROI.


Igor Boeris
Igor Boeris


Flavio Boeris
Flavio Boeris


Giusi Buttiglieri
Giusi Buttiglieri


Francesco Ferrara
Francesco FerraraSales Account
Angelica Basile
Angelica Basile Sales Account
Andrea Villa
Andrea VillaSales Account
Marta Scianca
Marta Scianca Sales Account

Digital Marketing Management

Anna Perrone
Anna PerroneCampaign Manager
Daniele Coltro
Daniele ColtroCampaign Manager
Francesco Farano
Francesco FaranoCampaign Manager
Luisa Molino
Luisa MolinoCampaign Manager
Manuela Fiorentino
Manuela FiorentinoCampaign Manager
Marco Valbonesi
Marco ValbonesiCampaign Manager
Gianenrico Atzori
Gianenrico AtzoriCampaign manager
Elena Rosso
Elena RossoCampaign manager
Barbara Timpanaro
Barbara Timpanaro Campaign manager

Development – Design

Alberto Dal Monte Casoni
Alberto Dal Monte CasoniWeb & Graphic Designer
Andrea Furlan
Andrea FurlanProject manager e Web Developer
Francesca Valentini + 1
Francesca Valentini + 1Graphic & UI Designer
Stefano Brunasso Cattarello
Stefano Brunasso CattarelloWeb Developer
Melissa Consoli
Melissa Consoli Web Developer

Content Management

Giulia Villani
Giulia VillaniSocial Media Specialist & Content Manager
Igor Callieri
Igor CallieriSEO Specialist & Content Manager
Mattia Stango
Mattia Stango Content manager