Drive-to-store campaigns
The tool to drive new
customers to your store


Thanks to targeted communications and multi-channel solutions, Ediscom is able to drive both new and existing customers to your physical or e-commerce store, bridging the gap between online and offline.

By making the most of top-performance tools, we are able to create campaigns with special offers and discounts, thanks to the use dedicated codes, bar codes and QR codes or promotions sent via SMS or DEM which the customer can show at the cash desk; this allows for sales tracking and the measurement of performance and results.


Why choose Ediscom’s drive-to-store solutions?

Ediscom creates customised campaigns based on each client’s needs and objectives, thereby increasing their chances of success:

  • Increased footfall
  • Increased sales
  • Increased average spending
  • Targeted and optimised communications
  • Customer loyalty
  • High conversion rates
  • Sales tracking
  • ROI calculation
How it works

The steps involved with drive-to-store

Ediscom encourages users to visit the client’s physical or online store through targeted and high-impact communications, inviting them to visit a store in order to make use of discounts or promotions:

  1. Analysing the reference market
  2. Studying the brand
  3. Working with the client to define the strategy and objectives
  4. Creating the campaign for the most suitable channels
  5. Analysing results in terms of sales and performance
  6. Constant support through reference accounts