Lead Generation: what is it and how does it work?
Find thousands of
potential new customers

Lead generation

Every month, Ediscom's solutions generate over 300,000 leads, reaching target audiences in line with each client's business; it is able to do this thanks to its proprietary marketing database, the largest and most segmented in Italy, and its ability to create campaigns that integrate top-performing marketing tools.

We plan the campaign together, driving interested users to landing pages and introducing them to the products or services on offer in a natural way, transforming leads into potential customers.

We develop themed websites aimed at generating leads, allowing us to continuously acquire new and quality contacts based on specific targets.

DEM 11,500,000* unique contacts in our
proprietary marketing db with
B2B and B2C segmentation *up to 23,000,000 including partner list contacts
SMS 21,000,000 unique contacts in our
proprietary marketing db with
B2B and B2C segmentation

Ediscom’s marketing database

Thanks to its segmentation and continuously updated records, Ediscom’s proprietary database makes it possible to create DEM and SMS campaigns and provide high quality leads:

  • Fresh and well-kept contact lists
  • Active, up-to-date and continuously growing databases
  • User data collected in full respect of their privacy
  • Verified data delivered in real time

  • icn geolocation



  • icn gender


    Possibility to send to women,
    men or both

  • AGE

    Possibility to choose one
    or more age brackets


    Selection based on lifestyle
    and social standing


    Segmentation based on free time,
    activities, personal tastes


    Self-employed, profession,
    household, hobbies, etc.


Why choose Ediscom’s lead generation solutions?

Ediscom's proprietary lead generation system allows you to expand your customer base thanks to its dedicated and exclusive solutions:

  • Campaign creation, optimisation and promotion
  • Data only provided for users who have requested information about the product or service
  • Lead numbers and delivery based on each client’s requests
  • Payment only due for the leads delivered
  • Replacement of duplicate or invalid profiles
  • Contacts sent on an exclusive basis
  • Tools dedicated to delivering and managing leads
  • High conversion rates
How it works

The steps involved with lead generation

Thanks to its proprietary tools and dedicated team, Ediscom is able to offer a fully customised service to support its clients throughout every stage of the process to obtain new contacts, as well as in the subsequent lead management phase:

  1. Working with the client to define objectives
  2. Producing custom creatives that are optimised for the campaign
  3. Defining the lead cost
  4. Promoting the campaign among the defined target users
  5. Delivering user data in real time
  6. Possibility to check and manage the contacts generated
  7. Assistance and support through reference accounts

How we use our tools for lead generation

Ediscom creates fully customisable, highly successful lead generation campaigns, utilising the best marketing tools around:

  • icon SMS icon SMS close


    A flexible, top-performing solution, focused on results
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    Creation and sending of SMSs targeted at lead generation enables immediate results aligned with the goals of the campaign. These customised messages, created to engage the target audience and sent to selected contacts from Italy’s most segmented proprietary marketing database, are aimed to immediately convert users into leads.

    Ediscom has developed a range of solutions for its partners and customers:

    Interactive SMSs

    The user receives a message and is invited to reply “YES” if they are interested in receiving further information on the promotion.

    Click to lead

    The user clicks on the link in the SMS text and generates a lead.

    Click to confirm

    The user clicks on the link in the SMS text and is directed to a landing page. Following confirmation of their telephone number, they generate a lead.

    Click to form

    The user clicks on the link in the SMS text and is directed to a landing page. Once they have filled in a form, they generate a lead.

    These options make SMS a tool that can be fully customised for individual campaigns and agreed goals, enabling highly successful lead-generation campaigns.

  • icon Direct Email Marketing icon Direct Email Marketing close


    Direct Email Marketing to engage potential customers and establish their loyalty
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    Today, Direct Email Marketing is one of the most effective tools to generate leads. Combining its proprietary marketing database with comprehensive campaign management, from planning through to analysis of results, Ediscom listens to the needs of customers and offers immediate, measurable results.

    Ediscom creates highly successful DEM campaigns. Once the user has received the email, they are directed to a landing page or website where they are converted into a lead. The presence of an interactive component, whether compilation of a form, confirmation of personal details, downloading of an ebook or validation of a discount code, ensures a highly effective acquisition funnel.

    Able to rely on above-average open rates, customised, targeted creativity and constant monitoring and tracking, Ediscom’s DEM campaigns offer quick results and high-quality leads to anyone that uses them.

  • icon Native Advertising icon Native Advertising close


    Sponsoring integrated content aimed at lead generation
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    Ediscom uses native advertising to place sponsored content across a large number of websites. Lead-generation campaigns of this type are integrated into the content that the user is browsing, engaging the target audience with text, video and images.

    The performance-focused native advertising that Ediscom offers its partners and customers represents a further channel for acquisition of high-quality leads, da affiancare agli altri strumenti a disposizione. Cliccando sui banner integrati nella pagina di navigazione, l’utente viene invitato a compilare un form di richiesta su landing page dedicata, generando un lead che verrà, immediatamente, passato al cliente oppure, se da lui richiesto, prima qualificato.

    The products and services within these campaigns are presented as high-value content, offering a series of tangible benefits: not only do native ads not interrupt user’s browsing, but the CTR is six times greater than display advertising, and all clicks are entirely intentional.

    Through close collaboration, Ediscom can identify and offer each of its customers the solution that is most effective and best aligned with its needs.

  • icon chatbot icon chatbot close


    A revolutionary interface to attract and convert new users
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    Through Aimage, the group company specialised in artificial intelligence R&D, Ediscom offers its customers a system founded on this new technology, which is capable of automatically managing conversations with users in a virtual-chat setting.

    Through creation of customised chats, the Ediscom chatbot guides the user towards completion of a registration funnel. Compared to the process for manually filling in a form used in other lead-generation solutions, here the user provides their contact details through an automated and highly engaging conversation, optimised on the basis of the goals agreed with the customer.

    The Ediscom chatbot is not only able to simplify management of company communications but can also increase the performance of lead-generation campaigns, presenting users with an intuitive interface with which to establish a dialogue and smoothly begin a process of conversion and engagement.