Lead qualification
The tool that
enhances your leads

Lead qualification

Ediscom’s lead qualification services allow clients to further enhance their contacts.

From requalifying and integrating contacts to checking genuine interest in the products and services, from carrying out ad hoc surveys to enrich data to providing detailed analysis and reporting: all of these activities make Lead qualification a comprehensive and highly customisable tool, enabling clients to maximise their chances of transforming leads into customers:

  • Qualitative analysis of the client’s customer base
  • Checking genuine interest in the products or services
  • Confirmation and integration of database information
  • Handing back qualified, genuine leads

Why choose Ediscom’s Lead qualification solutions?

Ediscom’s lead qualification process allows clients to optimise their leads in the best way possible and make the most of their potential, thanks to the high level of customisation available and the possibility to obtain complete and detailed user data.

Thanks to its proprietary contact structure and dedicated team of professionals, Ediscom is able to offer its clients greater possibilities to transform their contacts into actual customers, maximising the success of their sales activities:

  • In-house contact centre and dedicated analysis team
  • Carrying out ad hoc surveys to obtain more complete data
  • Customising services based on each client's requirements
  • Delivering lead processing reports with the relative results

The best Lead qualification solutions

Ediscom offers a range of solutions that can improve clients’ leads, in terms of both quality and quantity, thereby increasing the probability that users will become buyers and, in turn, boost sales:

icn lead qualification


Starting from the leads that have been generated, users are contacted to confirm and, if necessary, integrate the information about them in the database. Checks are also carried out as to whether they are genuinely interested in the product or service offered by the client.


An operator contacts the user and, thanks to the integration between Ediscom's contact centre and the client's diary, he/she is able to schedule an appointment by selecting the first date available in the calendar.

icn opinion polls


Users are contacted to take part in an opinion poll for statistical purposes or to complete qualitative analysis of the client's products or services.