Chat bot Marketing and User Experience
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Chat Bots

A chat bot is a system based on artificial intelligence able to automatically manage a conversation with users as part of a virtual chat.

Through the group company Aimage, specialised in researching and developing artificial intelligence, Ediscom is able to provide its clients with innovative solutions able to meet the needs of today’s market.

The customer’s request is used as a basis to create a personalised chat, building a simple yet effective system that acts as an intermediary between the company and its customers.

Ediscom’s chat bots improve the user experience with customer care and optimise the management of communications, as well as representing a high-performance tool for lead generation:

  • Customer service available 24/7
  • Lead generation in line with the products and services offered by the client
  • Managing requests from users who access e-commerce sites
  • Consulting and assistance to book services online
  • A rapid and efficient service
  • Exhaustive replies in real time

    A virtual operator
    who’s always online

  2. 2. BOOKINGS

    Automated management
    of bookings


    Engaging users who are
    more reluctant to fill in forms

  4. 4. E-COMMERCE

    Assistance during the purchasing
    process to increase the conversion rate


Why choose Ediscom’s chat bots solutions?

Ediscom completes an in-depth analysis of each client’s requirements in order to provide a bespoke chat bot service, able to simplify the company's communications management:

  • Reduced call centre management and training costs
  • More efficient customer care
  • Easy platform integration
  • Chat bots can be used on different channels
  • More accurate user profiling
  • Increased engagement
  • Back end possibilities (via the panel) for analysis and statistical purposes
  • Analysis of interactions between users and chat bots and optimisation
How it works

Easy to install, quick to use

Ediscom’s chat bots represent a versatile and highly customisable tool and are simple and intuitive to use.

From a website, social platform, e-commerce site or landing page:

  1. the user opens the chat and starts a conversation by asking a question
  2. the bot receives the request and quickly processes it
  3. the bot provides an automatic and exhaustive reply in a matter of seconds

The best chat bot solutions

Ediscom provides targeted strategies able to automate customer service and simplify relationships with users, making them more effective and instant; chat bots are also an effective way to generate leads:

icn helpdesk customercare


Users receive help by getting answers to their questions and support when browsing and using the website, landing page or e-commerce site
icn lead generation


From a website or landing page, the user is guided by the chat bots to complete a registration funnel. Thanks to the high level of engagement created by the conversation, there is a much higher rate of completion compared to simple forms
icn e-commerce


As well as being a help desk and customer care solution and generating leads, the chat bot can also increase sales inside the online store. Thanks to technical integration between the chat bot and the catalogue, users can ask specific questions to find the products they're looking for more easily, or those that are most in line with their interests, going on to add them to their shopping cart.