Co-registration and co-sponsoring
Expand your database with users
who are interested in your business

Co-reg & Co-sponsor

Co-registration and co-sponsoring provide effective lead generation strategies, generating a high number of leads of active and keen users who are interested in your market sector.

Through prize contests, opinion polls and targeted operations within its extensive network, Ediscom is able to generate high volumes of traffic, obtained through leading advertising partners and its proprietary websites, which boast more than 5 million visitors.

It is also possible to optimise the quality of the leads generated, both through the client’s contact centre and thanks to Ediscom’s lead qualification service:

  • High number of leads generated
  • Plenty of customised solutions
  • Further optimisation of the leads generated
  • Active and keen users

Why choose Ediscom’s Co-reg and Co-sponsor solutions?

After analysing the client's requirements, Ediscom comes up with an effective strategy to meet the defined objectives, using campaigns with a high degree of customisation:

  • High volumes of traffic
  • High quality leads
  • Names provided in real time
  • Segmentation based on each client's requirements
  • Data obtained: the user’s profile, telephone number, address and e-mail address
  • Data provided in accordance with data protection legislation
  • Extensive, proprietary network
  • Working with the major advertising partners
how it works

The steps involved with Co-registration

Co-registration allows the client to only receive leads for segmented, target users who have shown an interest in their products or services, by replying positively to questions regarding the brand:

  1. Ediscom works with the client to decide upon one or more specific and linked questions. These are then included as part of the registration process for the prize contests, opinion polls and special operations provided by Ediscom or its premium network
  2. During the registration process, users have to answer the agreed questions
  3. The client only receives the data of those users who have responded positively to the specific questions posed during the registration funnel

The steps involved with Co-sponsoring

Ediscom uses co-sponsoring activities to share user data with the client - the details of individuals who have registered for one of its contests, surveys or special operations.

  1. Ediscom independently organises prize contests, opinion polls or special operations, which users can take part in as long as they first provide their personal data
  2. Co-sponsoring campaigns allow Ediscom to share all data belonging to target users, who have registered for the contests, opinion polls or special operations, with the client

The best Co-registration solutions

Depending on each client's needs, Ediscom can integrate solutions and targeted operations into its contests and surveys, allowing for predefined objectives to be reached and generating a high number of leads, in line with the client's products and services:

icn coreg std icn coreg std


Users are invited to reply to one or more specific and linked questions during the registration funnel. These questions may have a blind format (the client’s brand is not mentioned) or a brand format (the client’s brand is mentioned). If users provide a positive answer to the questions, a lead is generated.
icn coreg premium icn coreg premium


Users are invited to reply to one or more specific and linked questions in a dedicated step during the registration funnel. In this case, a dedicated and customised layout will be created, whether “blind” or “brand”. If users provide a positive answer to the questions, a lead is generated.
icn coreg icn coreg


The prize contest thank-you page features a banner of the client (static or interactive); interacting with this banner generates the action corresponding to the predefined objective: click or lead

The best Co-sponsoring solutions

A range of solutions for a single objective: to obtain the data of users corresponding to the reference market in the client's sales segment:

icn cosponsor standard icn cosponsor standard


The client receives the data of users who have registered for the contest, despite them not having answered specific questions about its brand; these users perfectly match the segmentation and personal criteria defined with the client.
icn qualified cosponsor icn qualified cosponsor


During the process to register for the contest, users are asked a question that allows them to be segmented without mentioning offers, products or the client’s brand. The purpose of this question is to define the user’s target group in a more detailed way, for example: “Are you sporty?”, “Do you like wine?”, “Do you read magazines?”, etc.