Brand awareness: what is it and how does it work?
Position your brand
on the market


Thanks to its highly customised, multi-channel solutions, Ediscom can help clients improve their brand's image and market positioning, increasing brand equity and the value of products and services.

It is always important for customers to recognise your brand and to know where to find you, in a continuously shifting and expanding market.

This not only improves your image, but also increases the number of potential new customers, boosts the loyalty of existing ones and improves sales.

The aim is to ensure that your brand is always at the fore: this ensures that, as users browse the web, their attention is focused on products and services linked to the brand and makes sure that this translates into actions, such as subscriptions, purchases or lead generation.


Why choose Ediscom’s branding solutions?

As part of its projects to improve clients’ brand awareness, Ediscom considers branding activities to be strictly linked to performance marketing initiatives, with the main goal being to find new customers:

  • Customised multi-channel campaigns
  • An integrated brand+performance strategy
  • ROI focus: measuring and analysing results
  • Custom, made-to-measure creatives
How it works

Creating a brand campaign

From defining the strategy to recording results, Ediscom guides its clients on their path towards greater growth and brand awareness, leading them to achieve their brand equity and sales objectives:

  1. Analysing the reference market
  2. Studying the brand
  3. Working with the client to define the strategy and objectives
  4. Creating the campaign for the most suitable channels
  5. Analysing results in terms of reputation and performance
  6. Assistance and support through reference accounts