Native Advertising Campaigns
Win over huge
sections of the public

Native Advertising

This type of advertising can reach huge sections of the public, through cross-device ads in the form of written content, videos and images. These ads blend in with the organic content that users are browsing, calling them to action through the sponsored ad.

Ediscom uses native advertising to create campaigns with subtle tools that do not disrupt the browsing experience, guaranteeing greater visibility for its clients’ products and services.

What’s more, thanks to our performance-based native advertising, clients can benefit from an additional channel to generate high quality leads:

  • No disruption to users’ browsing experience
  • Products and services appear as content
  • Subtle
  • Only intentional clicks
  • CTR six times higher compared to Display advertising
  • Possibility to bypass AdBlock filters

Why choose Ediscom's Native advertising solutions?

Ediscom provides customised native advertising campaigns that are effective and immediate:

  • A company dedicated to developing native campaigns
  • Only intentional clicks by target users
  • Creation of ad hoc landing pages
  • Creation of unlimited headings and images
  • Constant monitoring of the campaign
  • Optimising campaigns and reporting
  • Extensive network of premium publishers
  • Creatives that are easy to adapt to all devices
  • Ads inserted on Ediscom’s websites and quality circuits
  • Assistance through reference accounts

The best Native advertising solutions

There are numerous strategies available, allowing clients to select the top performing solution that best suits their needs, increasing the campaign’s chances of success:

icn native performance


Users are invited to fill in a request form on a dedicated landing page, generating a lead which is then passed onto the client.

icn native brand


Users are invited to learn more about the brand's strengths and its products/services through Ediscom's pre-landing content or by moving directly to the client’s website.

icn native blog


Creation of text and multimedia content for blogs belonging to Ediscom's circuit/network, inviting users to find out more about the client’s products and services and redirecting them to the client’s website, blog or landing page.

icn native brochure


Users are invited to check out the client’s leaflet or brochure by clicking on an ad.

icn Native video


Users who click on the ad will be shown a video promoting the client’s products/services in a premium native environment.


The dedicated platform for editors and publishers

In order to offer its clients an even more comprehensive and effective product, Ediscom has founded a company called Nativery and has developed a proprietary platform with the same name: Thanks to this tool, it is possible to develop native advertising campaigns with even higher levels of performance, for both advertisers and publishers.

This proprietary, cutting-edge technology allows for across-the-board and integrated management of native advertising campaigns, generating high quality traffic:

  • User-friendly technology that’s simple and intuitive
  • A solid and consolidated network
  • Quality traffic of target users
  • Better engagement with the client’s brand
  • Excellent performance for publishers and advertisers
  • Possibility to expand onto other platforms
  • Analysing data and campaign performance
  • Continuous optimisation