Lead Nurturing: what is it and how does it work?
Get the most
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Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing brings together the best marketing tools, allowing you to create a trust-based relationship with leads that have already been generated. The aim is to nurture relationships with contacts and increase their loyalty through direct communication.

Ediscom is able to create a one-to-one relationship with users, accompanying them throughout all stages of the customer journey. From sending newsletters to SMS marketing, right through to social media strategies (Facebook Lookalike, Facebook Lead Ads, Google Ads and Google Match), it will be possible to inform campaign recipients about the latest news, discounts and promotions relating to products and services linked to the client’s brand.

Lead nurturing objectives include:

  • Increased brand awareness and brand authority
  • Increased interest in the brand’s products and services, thanks to a focus on users’ purchase intention
  • Creation of content aimed at boosting the conversion rate, through personalised offers that are suited to the target audience
  • Consulting and support to book services online
  • Increased loyalty among new customers

Why choose Ediscom’s lead nurturing solutions?

Ediscom’s lead nurturing service offers customised solutions: clients’ needs always come first, and Ediscom works with them to define their objectives in order to develop an effective and high-performance strategy:

  • Dedicated tools that improve one-to-one communication with leads
  • Optimisation of the touchpoints between the company and its customers
  • Exponential increase in users’ loyalty towards the brand
  • Maximising potential for repeat purchases among target users
how it works

The steps involved with Lead nurturing

By using proprietary tools and working with highly specialised teams, Ediscom is able to offer its clients strategies that can achieve their objectives.

  1. Defining objectives and the best strategy
  2. Segmentation of the marketing database and creation of customised contact lists, based on the offers and services being promoted
  3. Identifying the most suitable channels and tools for lead nurturing activities
  4. Analysing the sale process, with subsequent optimisation of the sales funnel, the user experience and the user interface
  5. Monitoring and ongoing analysis of campaigns and integrating new channels or solutions where necessary