Banners and display advertising
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Display advertising

Display advertising involves publishing banners and the best ad formats on high-traffic web pages, with the aim of grabbing users’ attention and encouraging them to interact with the ad itself.

Ediscom supports its clients step-by-step to plan their display campaigns, from defining their target audience to analysing traffic data.

To get the best results from display advertising, we provide our clients with an extensive network of proprietary websites and special media buying and planning operations with the major online editors, as well as Real Time Bidding (RTB) planning on partner networks.


Why choose Ediscom's Display advertising solutions?

Display advertising is able to reach a wide audience, with different targets and precise objectives in mind, depending on each client’s goals and requirements.

Highly customised banners and multimedia content are able to create a completely bespoke campaign and allow for full integration with other tools, such as SEM and Social advertising campaigns, thereby maximising results:

  • Highly customisable creatives
  • Use of top-performance formats
  • Extensive, proprietary network of websites
  • Partner networks
  • Possibility to define geographic areas
  • Campaigns with specific target users
  • Proprietary tracking tools
  • Reference accounts

The best Display advertising solutions

For each display campaign, Ediscom selects the top-performing solution that is best suited to the client’s requirements, thereby increasing their chances of success and giving maximum visibility to their products, with a high conversion rate.
All creatives are highly customised, thanks to our dedicated team of professionals.

icn banner icn banner


Images or animations in standard formats, included on web pages for advertising purposes
icn overlay icn overlay


Very high-impact ads that appear above the content the user is browsing
icn landing page icn landing page

landing pages

Web pages with information about products and services and/or registration forms
icn skin icn skin


Exclusive sponsoring of a website’s background
icn video banner icn video banner


Short video clips shown before the main video begins
icn advertorial icn advertorial


Articles and advertising material featured on blogs and websites