Pay-per-Call campaigns
Rapid contacts who are
interested in your business


Pay-per-call is the innovative lead generation tool that allows you to immediately find new contacts who are interested in your business.

Considering mobile advertising to be one of the most important areas to invest in, Ediscom was the first company in Italy to implement a pay-per-call system, able to direct thousands of calls a day to its clients.

Banners, ads, messages or landing pages are used to spark users’ interest as they browse the web; they are invited to make a call to a given number, either directly or by clicking a button.

Pay-per-call can generate thousands of leads, reaching even those users who tend to be more reluctant to fill in forms, minimising the abandonment rate compared with traditional lead campaigns.


Why choose Ediscom’s pay-per-call solutions?

Ediscom offers its clients a highly customised service in order to optimise results and maximise earnings; it uses proprietary tools and makes a dedicated contact centre available should the client not be able to directly manage inbound calls itself:

  • Fully customised campaigns
  • Possibility to segment the target audience based on location
  • Direct telephone contact without the need to use CRM
  • High conversion rate, as users are engaged precisely when they have expressed an interest in the client’s product or service
  • Rapid contact management with real-time calls
  • Dedicated contact centre
  • Call tracking
  • Lead targeting using an interactive voice responder
how it works

How to create a pay-per-call campaign

Ediscom supports its clients in planning all stages of their pay-per-call campaigns, allowing them to achieve their predefined marketing goals and win over customers who would otherwise be difficult to reach with other marketing tools.

  1. Defining objectives and the budget
  2. Identifying products and keywords of interest
  3. Defining the geographical location to target
  4. Creating a dedicated telephone number
  5. Creating customised ads
  6. Receiving real-time calls from potential customers
  7. Call tracking and user analysis