Database and data rental
Grow your customer base thanks
to Ediscom's marketing database

Data rental

Data rental is a high quality, performance-based tool that allows you to reach large numbers of consumers who are interested in your products and services.

Through its data rental service, Ediscom makes high numbers of leads available to its clients, also with limited spending budgets, without the need for them to purchase and build their own databases.

This is one of the most popular products among companies that use telemarketing as an advertising tool; Ediscom has worked with companies like this for years and has learnt how to meet all the strategic and technical needs of its clients.


Why choose Ediscom’s Data rental solutions?

Thanks to its highly segmented, proprietary marketing database, Ediscom is able to guarantee quality data and highly customised contact lists, which are put together by carefully analysing each client’s needs in order to reach their predefined market objectives:

  • A marketing database with 11,500,000 contacts
  • Highly segmented contacts, in line with the client’s business
  • Active and continuously verified numbers
  • User data collected in full respect of their privacy
  • Well-kept proprietary contact lists
how it works

How to get quality leads

Clients can rent parts of Ediscom's database, making it easier for them to reach customers based on the highest performing target for the deal being promoted:

  1. Analysing each client's requests and requirements
  2. Defining objectives
  3. Identifying the highest performing target
  4. Data rental based on the segmentation requested