SEM campaigns - Search Engine Marketing
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SEM (Search Engine Marketing) helps to improve the visibility of a brand and its products and services through a series of marketing activities, engaging target users on search engines.

Ediscom makes best use of its proprietary tools and the advertising platforms made available by the top search engines (Google Ads, Bing ads) to create and manage paid advertisements, allowing its clients to quickly achieve tangible results.

By planning custom strategies, Ediscom uses the two main SEM activities and integrates them into lead generation, database building and branding campaigns:

icn SEA

SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

CPC, CPA and CPL paid advertisement campaigns on the biggest search engines

SEA allows clients to showcase their brands and products both on the SERP, using highlighted sponsored results that pick up on the keywords of interest, and on banners and ads with images and text that appear on website pages.

  • Boost the visibility of products and services
  • Track results easily
  • Load up content in a fast and simple way
  • Enjoy extensive targeting opportunities
icn SEO icn SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Actions to improve natural positioning on the results pages of search engines

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Why choose Ediscom’s SEM solutions

Thanks to its innovative tools and dedicated team of professionals, Ediscom is able to use the best performing platforms to build effective SEM strategies.

  • Guaranteed, tangible results in a short amount of time
  • Targeted and predefined investments, with complete cost control
  • Possibility to quickly raise awareness of your products and services on a large scale
  • Increased traffic to your website using both SEA and SEO activities
  • Creation or expansion of marketing databases using SEA
  • Geolocation ads to attract target users in line with your business
  • Dedicated team of professionals
  • Constant analysis and optimisation of campaigns
how it works

SEM: rapid and effective campaigns

Ediscom supports its clients every step of the way, from defining objectives to analysing clicks, ensuring each SEM campaign achieves the best results possible. Each campaign is constantly monitored by our team of experts and is optimised on an ongoing basis:

  1. Identifying the client’s objectives and the right strategy
  2. Defining the budget
  3. Analysing the keywords of reference
  4. Defining the target audience
  5. Optimising all stages of the campaign
  6. Analysing data and reporting