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Ediscom is a well-established digital company with over 20 years of experience in web marketing, specialising in performance-based campaigns.

Ediscom group continues to grow, today counting over 200 employees and more than 300 active, consolidated clients.

Ediscom’s core business is lead generation, with its added value being its proprietary marketing database, which is highly segmented with regard to both B2C and B2B contacts and is kept constantly up to date, continuously expanding.

By using the most effective and high-performance digital marketing tools, including SMS marketing, DEM, native adv and chat bots, Ediscom’s team is able to offer the best multi-channel solutions to meet predefined objectives, achieving tangible results for its clients.


Relationships at the heart of business

Over the years, Ediscom has developed a business vision that puts relationships at the heart of everything it does.

Above all, clients are classed as partners; relationships with them begin to be forged by first listening to their needs, moving on to create projects that go far beyond simple campaigns.

Once the objectives have been defined, a multi-channel strategy is assessed; after this is implemented, Ediscom provides ongoing assistance and constant support until the desired results have been achieved and performance has been analysed, as part of a synergetic process with the client.

In this context, partnerships with other major players in the world of digital marketing and with other group companies are equally as important: all are able to provide unique and highly specialised know-how.


Past, present and future

The thread that ties together Ediscom’s past, present and future is its constant search for innovative and effective solutions.

Discoveryworld was founded in Turin, a web agency specialised in developing websites and web applications for companies.
Discoveryworld became a domain maintainer. The company came up with its first advertising solutions for the consumer credit industry, mainly working on traffic from search engines on a pay-per-lead basis.
The first proprietary portals were created: prestitol.it, tipiace.it, cleodoro.it, fioriblu,it, gustissimo.it.
Discoveryworld became Ediscom S.p.a. and offered its first e-mail marketing solutions to the market.
A platform was developed to manage its proprietary marketing database, a driver for the company’s future activities.
A more structured sales team was created in order to offer increasingly integrated and multi-channel solutions to the market. The Direct Response platform was created, able to generate thousands of financing requests per day in real time.
Across S.r.l. was founded, a group company with the initial objective of managing all SEO/SEM activities on behalf of clients and, at a later date, extending campaigns to external publishers as an affiliated network.
New mobile solutions were developed, including SMS marketing using proprietary databases and Pay-per-Call services.
The Absolutemob platform was created, allowing clients to independently create SMS marketing campaigns in a simple and fast way.
At the same time, Yonkana was founded, a group company whose purpose is to manage customer lists, using the best digital adv solutions to further enhance them.
Adyou S.r.l. was founded, the group company dedicated to digital entertainment.
In the same year, the group also acquired Aimage S.r.l., dedicated entirely to developing artificial intelligence solutions and custom chat bots for clients.
Also in 2017, Chetariffa.it went online, a leading tariff comparison site.
Two new platforms were implemented: SMS Gateway, to help big players manage and enhance their own databases, and Nativery, the platform dedicated to native advertising, identifying the best content and boosting performance for advertisers and publishers.
The first contact centre was opened to be able to provide a complete service for every client.
A further step was taken to develop new solutions: the Lead Qualification service was launched, allowing Ediscom to provide support throughout all phases of the lead generation and lead management process, using proprietary technology and its own contact centre. This service has tripled the number of active operators.
Ediscom celebrates its twentieth anniversary in a climate of outstanding development and numerous successes. This year, the company was recognised by the Le fonti Awards 2021 with Innovation & Leadership Digital Marketing CEO of the Year and received an award in the VII edition of Storie di Eccellenza 100 Eccellenze Italiane (100 Examples of Italian Excellence) in the Digital Marketing category.
Ediscom S.p.A. is constantly growing, focused on the future and ongoing innovation. Teams continue to evolve with new expertise, developing effective and high-performance solutions for customers.