Database building: how to build a database
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Database building

Having a continuously updated marketing database with only quality data is key if you want to implement effective marketing strategies. This is precisely why Ediscom offers its clients an important solution, aimed at allowing them to build their own contact database, creating a solid basis on which to develop their own campaigns.

Ediscom can build up a database of potential customers through a series of specific and high-performance strategies: from special, custom operations on behalf of the client to in-house solutions with a proven success rate, providing all the support necessary throughout each stage of the project.


Why choose Ediscom's Database building solutions?

Careful analysis of each client’s requirements and goals, combined with years of experience in creating and implementing database marketing solutions, allows us to build quality, high-performance contact lists:

  • Building a customised marketing database
  • Use of proprietary tools
  • Real and verified contacts who are interested in the client’s products and services
  • User data collected in full respect of their privacy
  • Contact lists that can be used for marketing activities and CRM
  • Consulting and dedicated assistance
how it works

Building a marketing database

Clients are supported every step of the way towards building their own database, through special operations and a careful analysis of their marketing objectives:

  1. Definition of individual or multiple targets of interest
  2. Segmentation of users to engage and register
  3. Identifying the right strategies
  4. Choosing the most effective products to build the database