This website uses cookies and other similar technologies to offer a better experience by speeding up navigation and making it safer. In this policy we explain what these technologies are and why they are used (for example to start a browsing session, to save your preferences, to customize the content that we will show you and to display the most relevant ads).
Below, we will explain how we and our partners and third parties make use of that technology.

What are cookies?
Cookies are files that are sent to your browser and that are installed on the computer from which you are browsing in order to save information that can be retrieved at a later time.
This type of technology is essential for the proper operation, integrity, availability and relevance of the content of this website and it offers significant advantages in relation to the services offered, it facilitates navigation and usability.
Cookies cannot read any information contained within your computer nor can they cause damage or change information inside it.

What kind of cookies are used by this Web Site?
The following information will help you understand the different types of cookies that are installed through the various pages of the web site. We will also explain what cookies may be installed by our partners and by the third parties who work with us.


This type of cookie allows for the analysis and measurement of the properties and functionalities of this site in connection with the user’s navigation to improve the website. The cookies that are installed are third party cookies. For example, Google Analytics is the analysis script that helps website owners understand how users interact with the pages. It uses a series of cookies to provide information to the statistical system in connection with website usage without personally identifying users.
– You can refer to Google Analytics’ policy here:
– You can refer to Magnew’s policy here:

– Ediscom has developed some tracking platforms to analyze the traffic on our sites.
To block cookies from the Ediscom platforms you can use the button below:


The aim of advertising cookies is to improve your browsing experience. They enable us to disseminate adequate and relevant advertising in relation to the user, avoiding the display of the same ad. They are necessary so that the servers distributing ad campaigns (ad servers) can know the dissemination frequency of the campaigns. They also allow the storage of the tasks performed by the user on the web to display more personalized campaigns.
Sometimes, these cookies are installed through third-party servers that are listed below.
– Adsense:
– SmartAdserver:


These cookies have an advertising purposes. They allow the storage of information about the user’s browsing through browsing sessions showing advertisements related directly to the user’s interest based upon their previous searches. Usually they are cookies that come from automated platforms of programmatic buying, adexchanges, DSP, SSP, DMP and other automated trading technologies of ad campaigns.
Some cookies come from agreements with third parties.
– Google adwords:


Some services can use plugins to social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus). If you use the subscription to such social networks, you authorize them to place cookies on your device. These cookies add the social element to your navigation
– Google+
– Twitter :
– Facebook:
– Vimeo: