Project Description

A website dedicated to keeping citizens and consumers informed and protected.

There are several sections that address in depth, but at the same time clearly and understandably, various issues related to consumerism: banking, investments, insurance, loans, internet and television, electricity and gas, taxes, home and condominiums, labor, education and training, guarantees, return policies, online shopping and much more.
The various articles, as well as the many in depth explanations connected to them, are always up to date, with references to the law with simple explanations, so that the citizen can always be informed of the main current issues.
A large section is devoted to useful contact info for the consumer, with the description of the main functions of assistance organizations and institution, their telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and office hours.
Therefore the site is a real guide for consumers who want to stay informed about their rights and, more generally, the large or small problems that may be encountered in everyday life, with simple solutions and advice to address them and resolve them in the best way possible.

There is also a mobile version of the site available at



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