Project Description

A website dedicated to regional recipes and world cuisine.

More than 4000 recipes growing steadily – 50,000 Facebook fans.

With its vast collection of traditional and regional Italian recipes, offers ideas and suggestions for those who want to try their hand at our country’s cuisine or find typical local dishes, or learn about ancient flavors or new interpretations of classic recipes.

The portal aims to enhance both Italian and world culinary heritage. Indeed, ethnic cuisine lovers will find a rich selection of international recipes, from the most classic to lesser known ones, with tips, serving suggestions and curiosities.


(Monthly average, source Google Analytics)

  • Unique visitors: 62.127
  • Views: 73.124
  • Page views: 215.735


Male: 23%
Female: 77%


18-24: 10%
25-44: 44%
> 45: 46%


North: 45%
Central: 27%
South and Islands: 28%