Enter into a dialogue with hundreds of thousands of “your own” users.

We build your database of potential customers through special operations that we have made to measure for you or that are based upon Ediscom’s proprietary solutions, sharing user acquisition costs with other partners.

Using CRM we help you define a one-to-one contact strategy.

We create sweepstakes, quizzes, surveys and digital gadgets upon client request in order to acquire and segment the users on which to perform subsequent CRM operations.

We develop strategies to direct traffic toward our clients’ sites in order to obtain registrations and implement their databases.

We offer our clients the opportunity to participate as a co-sponsor in our sweepstakes, surveys and distribution of digital gadgets.

We only provide users who fall within the client’s target, segmenting them by gender, age, geographic location and, in the event of more advanced solutions, by querying the user about a specific product or service, and providing only the profiles that are actively interested in it.

In relazione alle esigenze del nostro cliente possiamo strutturare qualsiasi tipologia di sondaggio ponendo qualsiasi domanda all’utente
In relation to the needs of our client, we can create any type of survey by asking the user questions. In addition to the standard personal data which include first name, last name, gender, age, ZIP code, mailing address, telephone and email, the most common data that we asked are level of education, socio-economic status and interests.
  • You provide us with the target you are interested in and tell us the data that you want to receive.
  • We implement your solution (in the case of dedicated sweepstakes it takes about 20-25 days to register the terms and conditions with the Ministry of Economic Development).
  • We collect the subscribers’ data.
  • We give them to you in real time by transferring them to your CRM or by developing a dedicated solution.

database building

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