more than 29,000,000 Italian contacts at your disposal…

…more than 60,000,000 contacts around the world.

We deliver your messages to more than 29 million contacts in Italy thanks to a proprietary database of more than 6 million contacts and partnerships with premium publishers with more than 23 million addresses.

We can segment your campaign by:

  • age
  • gender
  • geographic location
  • interests
  • level of education
  • type of work
  • propensity to buy

Direct Email marketing


direct email marketing

  • Contact millions of potential customers with a very low cost per contact.
  • You can segment your campaign in order to impact the target that is the most responsive to your product.
  • You can customize the DEM graphics based on user profiling to create a true one-on-one relationship.
  • Get immediate interaction with users who click on the graphics and land on your website.
  • You can monitor the campaign performance using our reports and see details of openings, clicks and leads for each individual transmission.
  • Determine the type of segmentation: gender, geographic location, age, interests.
  • Define the amount of messages we must send for you.
  • Together we define the targeted communication (subject, sender and graphics).
  • Receive clicks in real time.
  • Start selling.
We have a proprietary and a partnership database for Italian and foreign markets.
For more information visit the “Database” section of the “Media” channel.

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