Sms Advertising, Native Mobile Ads, Mobile Banners and Rich Media

The steady growth in the use of mobile devices for browsing is massive,
so we devised some direct solutions that are able to impact the users
at moments of greatest receptivity and propensity to buy a product or a service.


  • You can locate the user very precisely (if they have enabled their geo-location services during their mobile browsing) to develop local marketing campaigns.
  • 100% of the published ads are viewed by the user who can choose to continue the navigation on your mobile site or App.
  • Millions of people can be impacted in a very short time with a very high conversion rate.

sms-mobileDelivery and opening rates close to 100%.

The users can call a phone number indicated in the SMS, reply to the message (the response will be forwarded to our client) or visit a web page thanks to a short link.

We have 3,800,000 cell phone numbers in the proprietary database and can we can extend your campaign to more than 10,000,000 numbers thanks to a network of partners who have granted us access to their databases exclusively for SMS advertising.

The contact is quick and immediate.

Text formats and images that are perfectly integrated into the content that the user is browsing, inviting them to visit or perform an action on the sponsored ad.

They offer great conversion rates on the destination landing pages.

Numerous high impact graphic formats at your disposal to invite the user to visit a site, landing page or to download an App from the store.

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