Find out what the market thinks about your brand and products.

We help you understand market needs by defining and segmenting the profiles of potential customers and providing you with a detailed analysis on how to reach them and win them over by analyzing their purchasing processes.

We can define and impact any type of target with a CAWI (Computer Aided Web Interview) system, through opinion polls on social networks, websites and email marketing.

Online Survey

Online Survey

  • Market and Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Price Analysis
  • Opinion polls
  • You provide us with up to five questions to be submitted to a specific market segment.
  • Together we define the public to be impacted: geographic location, gender, age group, socio-economic and cultural status.
  • We define the number of expected answers (from a minimum of 500 to a maximum of 10000) and the relative costs.
  • We launch a survey targeted to the requested public via websites and/or email marketing inviting users to visit the survey pages.
  • In a few hours we provide you with the answers and our analysis.

The service is available in: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, UK, Australia, Russia.

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