Mobile devices are increasingly being used by users for browsing. Every day tens of thousands of users request information from companies and professionals via the web.

For the first time in Italy, Ediscom has begun using pay-per-call to improve their lead generation system. Every day, we are able to address thousands of calls to our clients tracing their provenance with precision and assessing the best performances in real time.

We know where to find the ideal customer for every type of business, inviting them to call the dedicated number.
Do not hesitate to contact us about your needs, in no time we will give you dozens of potential customers.

Pay per Call

Pay-per-call is the latest frontier of lead generation.

100% of the calls that we deliver to you are new potential customers!

We intercept the users during their online navigation by showing them ads, text messages, banners, landing pages and promotional videos
and inviting them to request information directly through a call to your dedicated toll free numbers.

pay per call

  • Have an immediate and direct contact with all of your potential customers.
  • You can estimate their real interest right away.
  • You intercept the user right when they are the most motivated to purchase your product or service.
  • The call conversion rates are between 60% and 300% higher than with pay-per-lead.
  • We distribute the calls dynamically to your operators or we manage them through our call center and we provide you with complete feedback on each contact.
  • Establish customer type and geographic location.
  • Define daily amounts of inbound calls.
  • Together we define a targeted communication.
  • Receive calls in real time.
  • Start selling.
  • You incur a fee for each call received (costs vary based on the product or service promoted) and a cost for the toll free number.
  • You incur a small one-time fee for service setup.
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