storia ediscom

Ediscom is successful italian firm working in the field of web marketing, specialized in the realization of performance campaigns. Ediscom core business is lead generation, by using the most effective tools available in the digital marketing world: DEM, Display & Native advertising, Mobile advertising, Pay per Call and SMS advertising which enriches thanks to an innovative platform, Absolutemob, thanks to which clients can create and manage indipendently an Sms campaign. The Ediscom surplus value is its own database, which contains vital statistics with B2C and B2B profiling, always updated and constantly expanding, able to guarantee a high-performance level.

Thanks to these innovative tools, our team is able to guide the client from the campaign idea to its realization and check of the achieved outcomes, by providing a constant support in every campaign stage.



Discoveryworld is born in Turin, a web agency specialized in developing websites and web applications for small and medium sized companies.


Discoveryworld becomes a maintainer of domains and the first hosting and housing proprietary structure is implemented.

In the same year, the first advertising solutions are developed for the field of consumer credit, working mainly on traffic from search engine (SEM and SEO) with pay-per-lead remuneration.


The first proprietary portals are born:,,, fioriblu,it,




Discoveryworld becomes Ediscom S.p.A.

In the same year, the first email marketing solutions are offered to the market. A platform for managing the proprietary database is developed.


The first commercial team is born, increasingly integrated solutions are offered to the market.



Across srl is born, a company of the group with the objective of managing at first all the SEO/SEM activity for our clients and, at a later stage, the extension of campaigns to external publishers as affiliated networks.


New mobile solutions, including SMS advertising on proprietary databases and pay-per-call, are developed.



In order to accomodate the clients’ demand of trying to find new and more innovative ways in order to reach new clients, Absolutemob has been created, thanks to which it is possible to create sms marketing campaign simply and quickly.