Every day we generate thousands of information requests related to the products and services offered by our client companies.

We intercept the target users through numerous proprietary tools and, thanks to scheduling on our strategic partners network, we reach millions of users every month, inviting them to become active on our clients’ sites and landing pages.

Lead generation

  • We take care of the creation, optimization and promotion of your campaign at no additional cost.
  • You only get the personal data of users who request information about your product or service.
  • We provide you with a quantity of leads that you can handle by delivering them to you in the terms that you deem appropriate.
  • You only pay for the information requests that you receive and we override all duplicate or fake profiles.
  • The request is sent only to you: you get an exclusive contact.
  • The rates of conversion from lead to contact are very high: all users have actively requested specific information about your product or service.
  • You tell us your goals and your target.
  • We define a cost per individual lead.
  • We promote your campaign to the defined target.
  • We provide you with the personal data of the users interested in your product or service in real-time.


Our proprietary lead generation system allows you to increase your customer base with dedicated and exclusive solutions.

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