The SMS is one of the most effective direct marketing tools.

Delivery and opening rates are close to 100%.

Users who receive an SMS can:

  • call a phone number indicated in the SMS;
  • reply to the message (the response will be forwarded to our client);
  • visit a web page thanks to a short link.

We have 4,000,000 cell phone numbers in the proprietary database and we can extend your campaign to more than 9,000,000 numbers thanks to a network of partners who have granted us access to their databases exclusively for SMS advertising.

SMS Advertising

sms advertising

  • Very high return on investment.
  • You can profile the users based on several parameters:  gender, age, geographic location, interests, socio-economic status…
  • You get instant answers (the SMS grabs the user’s attention more than any other tool)
  • Determine the type of segmentation: gender, geographic location, age, interests…
  • Define the amount of SMS messages we must send for you.
  • You provide us with the content of the message.
  • Get answers in real time.
  • Start selling.
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